5 Tips to Generate Publicity for Your Product

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5 Publicity Tips

Do you have a new product or service you want to let people know about? Is your ultimate goal to get media coverage? Here are a few tips to think about before you reach out to the media. 1. Is it newsworthy? Does your product or service have what we like to call “news legs?” If not, you may have to create your own news … Read More

My Journey Doing Public Relations in Oregon

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Nicole Miller and dog in Oregon

I began been doing public relations in Oregon in 2001, I was fresh out of college and eager to serve. While I had two fantastic internships, one at KGW NewsChannel 8 and the other at PeaceHealth Medical Center—when I left for the “real world” I couldn’t find a PR job directly in my field. So I took some really neat jobs and was able to … Read More

‘MazingYou Women’s Leadership Conference Inspires

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Mazing You Womens Conference Stage

‘MazingYou was ‘mazing. I had no idea. But I should have. I mean, after all, the women’s leadership conference was created by inspirational speaker and powerhouse lady of the year Bonnie Milletto. It started with an 8 a.m. dance party. My dream come true! Bonnie’s one of my favorite people. She’s a build-you-up, lift-your-spirits, touch-your-heart kind of person. The minute I see her, my heart … Read More

You can do it. #Finish that project.

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close up working meeting tabletop

Word of the day: #finish! Finishing. What is it about finishing a project that can be so difficult? Sometimes, we get stuck before we even begin, or we let excuses hold us back. For me, it’s all about mind over matter. To finish, I must focus. To focus, I must have a path to follow. It’s March 2016, two years after I started the process … Read More